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Motion is everywhere from the motion of an elephant to the motion of the fastest aircraft. The study of motion is called Mechanics considering the motion of bodies that are large enough relative to the subatomic realm and the speed is considerably less than the speed of light. The rules and theories in classical mechanics are vital in all realms of Physics

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Wherever there occurs a disturbance and that disturbance propagates, the moving disturbance is called a wave and it carries energy. The electromagnetic wave from the Sun warms us and seismic waves can destroy buildings. The information of waves leads to the understanding of atomic structure.

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Thermodynamics has the heart at the relationship between heat and mechanical work. The study of heat and its relationship with other forms energy and how this relationship relate to the properties of matter is called thermodynamics. The laws of thermodynamics provide the key explanation to different phenomena in thermodynamics.

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Electromagnetism is the study of electromagnetic interactions which includes electric and magnetic forces. Most of the devices we use today such as computers, smartphones to electric motors, generators and many more devices and technology depend entirely on electromagnetism.

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