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If you use Physics Key, and if you make any posts using any of the features, you agree to the terms that you can not post any harmful content or the content that violates any laws in any country. The laws or regulations can very a little bit in different countries but no country allows behaviour that is harmful.

If you do not like the terms and privacy policy of a website, you do not use that website and period. If a website collects information about you, the website should gurantee that your sensitive information such as email address, password and other vital informations are secure and very carefully store those informations in a very secure place and should never share with anyone else according to the privacy policy of course.

If a website needs your personal information such as email address to run its service, you must be aware of the website type and its privacy policy. And if the website asks for a password you never use the same password you use in your email address to register any other websites or web applications.


First let's talk about the cookies- what are they? There is a bad sense to a common mind about cookies but it depends on how they are used. If the cookies are used for a greater good, they do good and they are essential for vital services, for a website but if they are used for the bad, you know what can happen.

This is your right to know what cookies are used in a website, what they do and what kind of privacy policy a website offers and you must first read the terms and privcy policy of any website you use to know what they store about you and what they do about your informaiton.

Cookies are simply a way for a website to store information about you in your browser. But don't worry the cookies can only store the information you give to the website. Cookies are stored in your browser and the browser is stored in your computer which means the cookeis are not stored in server, they are in your computer in your browser. Only that website which sent the cookie can read it.

Cookies are vital for web services. Without a cookie you can not log in to any websites at all! Most websites use cookies to help users easily navigate such as if you are logged in, a cookie can be used to redirect to a page you want to visit and this way you don't need to find the page again.

Physics Key Cookies

Physics Key now uses a cooke named "_pk_uid" which is unique for each visitor which is used in Physics Key's own analytics such as to count the number of page views. This cookie is also used with the Push Notifications Analytics and Adblock Analytics along with the IP address and the browser's user agent. This cookie does not store any personal information at all. There is no way you can give any of your personal informations such as your name and email address in Physics Key yet.

Third Party Cookies

Third party means they are not sent by Physics Key but sent by other services Physics Key uses. Physics Key uses different third party services and they send their own cookeis for their service. If you use Physics Key, you must agree to the cookie policies of the services Physics Key uses.


Physics Key uses cloudflare's service which uses a cookie named '__cfduid'. If you want to learn more about this cookie, click here. Cloudflare's service may use other cookies regarding its analytics purposes.


We use Google Analytics and Google Adsense services by Google. The services of Google uses cookies. To learn about the types of cookies used by Google visit this link. We use Google Analytics service of Google to get the information such as the number of page views which uses cookies for its service. To learn about the cookie usage by Google Analytics click here. You can opt out of tracking by Google Analytics by using an add-on by Google.

Physics Key depends on advertising revenue, so you'll be able to get the contents or services for free. And this is possible by serving some ads that may be useful to you. Physics Key uses Google Adsense service for serving ads which uses cookies, to learn more read the article "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps".


We currently use Facebook comment plugin to allow user comments to our blog posts, and Facebook may use cookies for the plugin.


We use MathJax for displaying beautiful math and MathJax library uses a cookie named "mjx.latest" to show equations in Physics Key.

If you do not want cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser but you may not be able to get all features.

Push Notifications

Physics Key now asks your permission to send appropriate push notifications to you. Do not feel bad about Push Notifications. Anything has a good purpose if applied to do greater good. Physics Key does not send you too many inappropriate and irrelevent notifications. The only reason this service exists is to send you appropriate notifications such as notifying you if an existing article is updated or a new article is added or a new service is added in Physics Key. That way you'll be notified if any new changes occur in Physics Key and you can get the optimum benifit from it.

Physics Key has built in push notifications analytics which tracks whether you accepted the notification request or blocked it. After accepting the notification, Physics Key also stores information such as whether a notification sent to you is clicked or closed to determine how much engagement the notification is bringing and whether the notification sent is helpful or not. In doing all of this the information Physics Key stores is your IP address and the device information provided by your favourite browser (user agent). You can always disable or enable push notifications for a website in your browser or device.

Adblock Analytics

Physics Key has built in adblock analytics which allows to understand traffic with adblock enabled or disabled or without any adblockers. Physics Key is alive and the content is provided for free because of the ads. In the time being you can still use Physics Key with adblockers enabled but if the users using adblockers are too high, Physics Key won't allow you to use adblockers. In that case you'll still be able to surf Physics Key with adblockers disabled or removed or adding Physics Key in the safe list of an adblocker. To distinquish the traffic, Physics Key stores the IP address and the device information (user agent provided by browser) of users using adblockers.

Personal Information

Physics Key does not store any of your personally identifiable information (PII), however stores anynomous information such as your IP address and device information provided by your favourite browser to count the number of page views, that is how many times a particular article is viewed. Physics Key also gets your helpful feedbacks about a particular article is helpful or not. And that information is stored along with your IP address and the device information provided by your browser also called User Agent.

We do not collect the personally identifiable information such as name, email address, address, phone number etc. We only collect anonymous data such as IP address, geolocation based on that IP address, and website activity logs. The one and only major information Physics Key collects for now are the IP address and your browser's user agent. Physics Key has not implemented geolocation based on IP address yet. The website activity logs include your feedback information along with your IP address and your browser's user agent. Among these anonymous informations we collect, the main kind of information we collect for now is your IP address. And we never sell the information we collect to third parties.

Physics Key uses third party services such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Cloudflare, Facebook and MathJax. They provide their own cookies for their services. Physics Key has no control over these cookies sent by the third parties, and if you want to learn more about what cookies these services send and for what purpose, you can visit their website for more information. Physics Key is in complient with the privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA and CalOPPA. We take the privacy of users very seriously and respect any privacy related laws from the bottom of our hearts! And the third party services we use also agree to be in complient with these laws (read their privacy policies).

As part of CCPA, we have stopped serving personilized ads by Google Adsense for California users. It means, if you are a California user, Physics Key has disallowed Google Adsense for serving ads based on your past activity on Google (you can not change this setting if you are a California user for now, but we may soon add an opt out or opt in link) via the provided network control. The California users if any will be served content related ads not personilized ads. Remember again that those ads are not served by Physics Key, but they are served by Google Adsense, and Google uses your past activity on Google (not on Physics Key) on your permission (see their privacy policy for more details) to serve those ads to you. You can always opt out of saving your past activity or delete that information in your Google's account if you want. Or you can simply allow Google to use your past activity for more appropriate recommendations for you, and it all depends on your choice. And this is all done by Google on your permission and has nothing to do with Physics Key.

Last updated in 9:14 AM Saturday, December 28, 2019 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Physics Key uses cookies, read the Terms and Privacy Policy for the terms and the full information about how Physics Key uses cookies.